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Carol West of 'The Professionals' Real Estate organisation whose office is located at 10 Denarau Road, Nadi has asked that any person who wishes this company to keep a record of owners names and addresses should phone, fax or email Carol on 999-2051; 670-1626 or 675-1167 respectively..





Information regarding the last Chairperson's meeting



Bula (from Bob Lyon)

It is a while since we updated you on issues at Denarau. We had a Chairpersons' Meeting yesterday and the following summary is enclosed for your interest. This summary will be posted on our website


Real Estate Signage


You might be aware that after numerous complaints, DCL have enforced the by-law in relation to signage and all For Sale signs have been removed. There has generally been very positive feedback on this, even the majority of agents agree. However, at least one agent has complained. Obviously we do not want to prejudice their position, but a return to the previous ad hoc signs on properties is not favoured. Several suggestions have been put forward and these will be discussed with the DCL board.

The issue of agents access to estates was also discussed. There are several instances of agents taking people on tours and photographing properties without permission.


Denarau Owners Website   


We are looking to get some income to enable us to hire a part-time assistant to maintain our website. In this regard, we have started marketing our website. We have spoken to a couple of prospective advertisers and have had a good response so far. This is one avenue that we hope that the real estate agents will use to take the place of signs.

Roger is still enhancing the site and we are confident that it will a useful medium for all stakeholders on Denarau.


Unpaid Rates


The amount of unpaid rates is still unacceptable and is one of the major drawbacks to maintaining infrastructure on the island. We support DCL's attempts to recover outstanding rates and ask that anyone wanting to discuss payment arrangements contact DREL directly. Contact details are on your rate notices.




The security boat was sunk in the cyclone earlier this year and the insurance company refused to pay out. As a consequence there has been no water patrol for several months. The cost of a new boat is expensive and DCL would not purchase one without a substantial costs to residents, port and commercial centre, the main beneficiaries. The Skeggs Group has kindly purchased a new security boat on the proviso that wages for two guards be shared by the commercial centre and residents. This is a saving on even the old system and the Chairpersons have agreed to the new arrangements. Vinaka vaka levu to the Skeggs Group.

The long promised signs for the basin are still not in place and the blame is being aimed at the non-availabilty of a pile driver to put the frames in.

Dogs have become a problem again and a successful baiting program netted 16 stray dogs recently, but there are at least 2 more aggessive animals on the island and several; instances of people being attacked and bitten.

Gates are still failing regularly and it appears that the original motors are not robust enough for the heavy traffic. Replacement is around $50,000 and some hard negotiations have been held with Tabua on who should pay. We were promised electronic gates and we believe that it is up to them to provide them. They see it as our responsibility. Residents on those estates without guards are quite often having to operate the gates manually.

Security bures are in a poor state of repair, including the one at the main gate. Also, now that some estates have little new construction, there are no toilet facilities available for the guards. Matrix have offered to provide new bures with a bathroom at a cost of $9,000 each. Owners are not comfortable with this and have asked Matrix to come back with alternatives.


Vacant Blocks


The time line for building commencement has long passed on most estates. There are already cases where owners have been penalised for late commencement. The by-laws provide for fines of 10% of the value of the block based on latest average sale prices. If you think that you might be affected by this, I suggest that you contact your Chairperson to discuss.


Transit Centre


The transit centre near the entrance bure is still not being used effectively. This was constructed at substantial cost and we are keen for an update on what is holding it up.


Tabua Land Sales


As the time for Tabua to depart they are selling off remaining assets. Two blocks near the Community Centre have been sold recently and other potential sales are listed below.


Beach Park


When we purchased our land, we were promised two beach parks. One has been constructed near the 15th hole, but is being used as a picnic area by outside groups, not necessarily connected to Denarau or the landowners. The other park was on land near the Hilton which has access problems and will not proceed. We understand that this land, consisting of 3 blocks, is on the market for $4m. This would be a windfall profit for Tabua and we expect that an alternative site be made available even it is a communitty park and not a beach park. This will be discussed at the next DCL meeting.


Port Denarau Car Park


We also hear that this is on the block. Tabua have undertaken to provide free parking for residents who shop at the Commercial Centre and we need to monitor this to ensure that no-one backslides on this committment.


Golf Course Land


We have not heard any recent news on this but do know that Tabua have been talking to interested parties.

Late news. I have just heard that Sheraton might have purchased the remaining golf course land.


Cruise Ships


Everyone welcomed the initiative for cruise ships to call in at Denarau and we understand that following the successful visit by the Pacific Sun in June, many more are planned. I was away, but feedback was that it added to the vibrancy of Denarau and that the tourists reported favourably on the experience.

It is also reported that Blue Lagoon are going to use Port Denarau. If this is so, and we welcome them, will it cause problems with water pressure as we now experience with Captain Cook Cruises?


Next Chairpersons Meeting


We are endeavouring to set our meetings on a more regular basis so that we can keep you better informed. If you have any comments or questions in regard to this newsletter or other matters, please contact your local Chairperson.




Bob Lyon

Chairperson The Cove & Representitive at DCL Board Meetings