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Click the following link to read the notes taken at the DREL and DCL meetings on Thursday  22nd May 2008.      When the official minutes come to hand we will publish them.

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Denarau Community Hall

2.00pm Tuesday 4 September 2007




PRESENT:               Martin Darveniza (Chairman), Denarau Corporation

                                    Jodie Matulic – Mariners Reach

                                    Kent Baigent – Paradise Point

Dennis Brundell – Paradise Point

Roger Hives – Marina Point

Bob Penn – The Links

Chris Clark – The Cove

Bob Lyon – The Cove

Brian Legge (Denarau Security)

Eddie Taleniwesi (Denarau Security)

Scott Andrews (Denarau Services)


INVITED:                   Robert Cohen (RC) KPMG


APOLOGIES:           Ajay Raniga - Fairway Palms

                                    Tauz Khan –             Sovereign Quays


1.            General Matters


1.1       MD welcomed all to the meeting.


            MD carried out a review of the minutes of meeting held on 5 July 2007 and asked if there were any matters arising.


1.2       Residents Beach Area


            MD gave an update on the construction of the fence along the bottom road between the 15th green and the entrance bure.  MD noted that this was an important security measure to provide protection to the resort from locals travelling down that road and then moving up into the resort.  MD confirmed as part of this action, a security bure will be constructed at the 15th Green.  MD advised that the fence had reached the helicopter landing pad.


1.3         Shuttle Bus


MD gave an update of the tenders in respect of the shuttle bus operation.  MD confirmed that earlier in the day, DCL had received a presentation from Coral Sun & TTF.  MD advised that the tender would be discussed at the next DCL Board meeting.  RH voiced his strong concerns at any prospect of charging for the use of the shuttle service. 



            CC queried the status of the construction of bus stops.  MD advised that the work on the completion of the bus stops would be carried out in due course once Scott Andrews project team was clear of the Radisson.  CC asked if the bus stops would have a shelter, MD advised that they would not. 


1.4         Landscaping


MD confirmed that Denarau Services would have a project team that would be available for commercial use.  These works would be carried out with a profit margin to help reduce the overall costs of operating DCL.  MD advised that already Denarau Services have secured the contracts to look after the landscaping for the Radisson and Port Denarau. 


BL questioned the irrigation at The Cove and noted that there seemed to be a dispute in respect of irrigation between the Denarau Services staff and the staff of one of the owners.  BLe said he was aware of the issue and he was working on it.  MD asked SA and BLe to keep a record of the irrigation program and keep BL informed.


RESOLVED:                        That the minutes of the meeting of 5 July be adopted

                                    (Moved: Jodie Matulic; Seconded: Bob Lyon)


2.         DREL Matters


2.1       List of current owners


            MD circulated the current list of owners that each of the neighbourhoods represented at the meeting.  MD asked that Chairpersons notify any changes that they are aware of that are not reflected in the updated owners list.  BL advised in respect of The Cove that Peter Turner has sold the adjacent block.  MD asked if the details of this could be forwarded to him.


2.2       Owners in default


            RC gave an update on the current owners in default.  RC noted that there had been a significant reduction from over $400k down to approximately $225k for owners who are over 90 days.  MD confirmed that BLe was actively involved in this matter, in terms of refusing access to neighbourhoods for owners in default or their contractors as well as taking steps to ensure that no planning approval was given in respect of these lots.  BLe stated that he was having significant success in this area.  In addition, MD advised that Adish Narayan was continuing to take legal action.  MD explained that one of the key areas that Adish Narayan was pursuing was the ability to register a caveat on the title in respect of unpaid levies.  MD advised this was a matter of negotiation with the Registrar of Titles.



2.3       Improvements in billing/payment procedures


MD advised that the improvements in the billing & payment procedures should be implemented once the full-time accountant was recruited by DCL.  These tasks would be one of the key areas of responsibility for the new position.  MD advised that there is also consideration of allowing owners to pay up to one year in advance to simplify the levy payment system.


2.4       Port Denarau Commercial Centre Development


            MD gave an update on the complex and said it was important that there be ongoing dialogue with the residents because the owners of the shopping complex had expressed a strong interest to have an excellent relationship with the residents of Denarau.  MD advised in respect of the invitations to the opening, given that there are 300 residential sites, and an additional 50 tenants, it was not feasible to invite everyone given that by doing so this would equate to 700 invitations.  Instead MD noted that approximately 200 residential owners were invited.  MD stated that for the function it was important that other representative groups including hotels, commercial operators, tourism representatives, invites from Suva, project workers etc. also be represented.  MD apologised for any disappointment by owners or residents who were not invited. 


            The Chairpersons acknowledged the importance of the complex to Denarau.  RH raised the issue of noise.  MD advised that there had been an issue in respect of live bands on the deck by one of the restaurant operators a few weeks ago.  In response to this issue, DCL took an active role and gave a directive that no further live bands be allowed on a regular basis on the deck.  CC asked whether this directive applied to live bands that will play internally.  MD stated that apart from the entertainment group that perform from 6.00-6.45pm, approximately 3 nights a week, it would be hard to see why any other operator would seek to have a live band internally.  RH stated that he had no problem with the entertainment group.  MD advised that from time to time there may be entertainment but the proper course of action would be, like last Saturday night, the residents be given prior notice by a memorandum setting out what was proposed and the timelines involved.  BL acknowledged that the communication in respect of last Saturday night was excellent.  BL stated that the noise did not materially affect The Cove residents and thought that entertainment inside the centre would not be a problem.  RH questioned the issue of acoustic guitars.  MD said it would be very unlikely that an acoustic guitar would ever cause a problem.  MD noted that control of the shopping centre had now been handed over to the owners of the shopping centre, who in turn had appointed a Board made up of the owners to represent their interests.  MD advised that the Board would be considering two policy statements, the operation guideline and outdoor policy, which contained a series of clear policies on noise. MD advised that he would keep the residents informed.  BL asked the status of the function centre upstairs at Cardos.  BLe advised that the soundproofing of this internal space was to the standard that there had been no issues in respect of noise complaints from this area. 



2.5       Planning Issues


            RH advised that the Marina Point residents were very concerned by the proposed development of “The Residences” and the impact this development will have on their neighbourhood.  MD advised that to date, the developers of the property had not submitted a formal plan for approval, and therefore DCL had no involvement other than clarification of a legal issue as to whether the construction of the carpark on the ground floor would be treated as a level in terms of the restriction on developments at Denarau being no more than 3 levels.  RH asked what rights Marina Point residents had in respect of the planning approval for The Residences.  MD advised that he agreed that the Marina Point owners were an “interested party” and that discussion would take place next week at the board meeting of DCL on the rights of neighbouring properties to participate in the planning process.  MD noted this did not just apply to Marina Point but also to other requests by owners to be able to access the plans of proposed construction of neighbouring properties. 


            The question was asked in respect of the old Cardos building, and how approval had been given for this.  MD advised that a reputable architect had submitted a satisfactory design for the refurbishment of the building to a residential house which satisfied Denarau standards.  In addition MD noted the owner of the building had given commitments to DCL about the immediate commencement of construction.  MD noted that several weeks ago DCL stepped in to remove building material / debris following complaints by neighbouring residents.  


2.6         Short-term letting


MD noted that the policy was in place and BLe was responsible for implementing it.  BLe stated that he was actively working on it and already had achieved success.  CC asked the definition of short term letting.  MD responded that the key component was whether it was subject to a “commercial arrangement”. 


2.7       Security & CCTV


            BLe gave an update on the roll out of CCTV.  MD noted that the CCTV cameras had been installed in the Port Denarau complex facing the inner marina and also the entrance near Marina Point.  BLe advised that at this stage the cameras had not been switched on.  BL asked what would be the response if the camera picked up a vehicle entering.  BLe stated that it would have to be on a case by case basis.  BLe advised that they were looking at bringing the patrol boat closer to the residential areas.  MD noted that he had received a formal letter from another resident advising that he believed that Mariners Reach and The Cove had no legal right to deny access to the inner marina to other residents.  MD stated he was seeking a legal opinion on this issue.  BL stated strongly that the issue that was seriously upsetting the residents was the fact that there continued to be a large number of sight seers coming in to the inner marina and invading the privacy of residents by bringing their boats right up close to houses, and even taking photos. 



            BL asked the status of the signage in the entrance to the inner marina.  MD advised that the graphic designer had been instructed on the matter and asked BLe to follow up on this. 


            MD advised that they were trialling a portable CCTV to use in hot spots.  CC questioned whether there was sufficient manpower to monitor the large number (BLe confirmed their were over 100 images) that were now being viewed in the security headquarters.  BLe stated they had increased the number of staff to two to review the images.  CC asked that if BLe could find industry standards in this regard. 


            RH asked what the legal position was for locals using the mudflats in front of Marina Point for fishing.  MD stated that this area was subject to a wet lease and he would investigate whether steps could be taken to prevent access, and advise at the next meeting.  RH asked that a sign be erected.



2.8       Pets


            BLe and SA gave an update on the issue of pets and said that active measures were in place for the removal of stray cats.  In respect of dogs, BLe stated that often people were not aware of the restriction and that his staff were well trained in this regard.


3.         DCL Matters


3.1       DCL Board Representations


            In respect of the request by BL in the last meeting for residents representation at DCL board meetings, MD confirmed that the matter had now been considered by the Board of TIL.  MD noted that all residential purchasers had signed a commitment deed that appoints one of Tabua Investments companies, Denarau Residential Estates Ltd, to manage their affairs and represent their interests at the DCL board level.  Therefore, it was not a legal right to require change.  Nonetheless, TIL recognised the request is in good faith, and suggested a compromise whereby the residential precinct would be allowed to have two representatives attend DCL board meetings and be included in all distribution of papers though they would not be formally appointed to the Board.  MD stated that to date, all decisions of DCL had been achieved through consensus and therefore the representatives would have the opportunity to play an active role in DCLs affairs. 


            BL thanked MD for this offer, and stated that he thought it was acceptable and should be actioned.  BL reiterated that his comments were made to ensure that there is a smooth transition in DCL with the eventual departure of TIL.  BL noted that MD and TIL had done an excellent job in the development and management of Denarau Island. 



            The Chairpersons agreed to accept the offer by TIL and in discussion with MD agreed that any two of RH, JM and BL would attend the DCL board meetings.  MD stated he had no problem from time if all three attended.  It was noted the reason for having 2 out 3 was to allow for the occasion when someone was travelling and not available.  MD stated that the dates for both DREL and DCL were set 12 months in advance. 


3.2       Financial Matters


            RC noted that after the first six months of the year, DCL was approximately 10% over budget, which was primarily due to increase in security costs as a result of the political situation at the beginning of the year.  RC advised that at the finance subcommittee meeting held earlier in the week, it was suggested that given the relative political calm the country was experiencing, security should reduce for the balance of the year. 


3.3       Water and Sewerage Status


            MD gave an update on both sewerage and water.  MD noted the Navakai Treatment Plant upgrade was progressing, and that PWD had appointed SKM to take over the management of the plant.  MD noted that TIL had paid for an operation review of the plant as part of the commencement of the Radisson.  In respect of water, there would be discussion next week about a proposal that MD had been working on with Government for the joint development of the duplicate water line along the Denarau Road to Nadi, which the interim regime had supported in principle.  The funding would be by way of a loan from the Development bank to DCL, which in turn would be backed by a Government commitment to pay an annual amount for the use of the line.  The amount of the annual payment would be equal to the loan repayment.


3.4       Other Matters


            MD noted that Ble had already given a detailed briefing on security.


            MD noted that the upgrade of the road to the Marina between the turnoff to Fairway Palms & Mariners reach with the main road had been completed.  MD advised that the Board meeting for DCL would be looking at a further upgrade of this road adjacent to the new Port Denarau complex where the road had failed.


            BLe confirmed that the use of infringement notices for drivers that were driving dangerously was ongoing and producing the desired results.


            MD noted that the new transit centre and traffic arrangements would be put in place to coincide with the hand over of the shuttles mention before.



            MD noted that significant improvements had been carried out on signage throughout the resort in the past quarter.


            CC asked for clarification on the time to build requirements on The Cove.  MD to advise.


There being no other business, MD closed the meeting at 3.40pm





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