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Denarau Review Committee Building Applications and Approvals



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Attendance: Andrew Naylor (Chair), Kevin Cairns, Adrian Sofield, Roger Hinves, Vijay Naidu, Roneel Deo.


Apologies:    Brian Jacobs, Darren Diffey



Andrew introduced Roneel Deo who is now responsible for all Building related issues on Denarau and will be coordinating these meetings from now on


Residential Applications


The committee discussed the following applications and issues for approval.


1.      Lot 26, Marina Point

·         Application of fence approved.


2.      Lot 8, Paradise Point

·         Boundary offset of 1.5m needs to be increased to 1.8m. Note that there is a greater than 3m offset on the other side so the whole building could move across

·         Committee suggested that the pool could be moved closer to the water to create more space between the building and the pool.


3.        Lot 37, Sovereign Quays

·         Relocation of public carpark approved.

·         Will need to follow up to make sure that this work is completed



Other Matters


4       Roger Hinves question the rules on ‘Kit Homes’ and noted that a few had been approved.

It was explained that there is no ban on kit homes per se but that each building had to meet the design requirements on its own merit



5       RH questioned the additional load that these proposed developments place on the infrastructure and what was DRC’s brief in this regard.


         AN replied that approval for water, sewer etc came under the authority of Nadi Rural Authority who would seek approval from PWD. There is sufficient infrastructure on Denarau and that the problem was a lack of service from the public systems. KC advised that now that the Navakai sewer upgrade is nearly complete, the only shortfall was in the supply of water.

         DCL is being proactive in this regard and will push for the construction of the new water main down Denarau Rd.



There were no further issues to discuss and the meeting closed at 3.30pm.







Attendance: Vijay Naidu (Chair), Andrew Naylor, Jackson Mar, Shane Cunning, Kevin Cairns, Waisea Tuidraki, Adrian Sofield, Roger Hinves, Roneel Deo.


Apologies:   Bob Lyons, Mark Rice, Brian Jacobs, Darren Diffey, Andrew Cunningham


This special meeting was called to discuss two development proposals on resort land and various correspondence and responses were tabled.


Andrew addressed the meeting on behalf of the Design Review Committee and put forward their recommendations.


The meeting was then handed over the Vijay who opened the floor for discussion.



1.    Sofitel Staff Housing


Roger agreed with the DRC recommendation that there are two issues

·        Screening for the roads

·        Aesthetic appearance of the buildings


Adrian confirmed that there will be extensive landscaping on the road boundary and higher trees to screen the view from the Sofitel entry ramp. This would also serve to provide privacy for the residents within.


The design was in keeping with the existing service buildings adjacent and that they were deliberately low key in appearance. Adrian confirmed that the level of investment in these building was such that they will be of a high standard and the term “temporary” referred to the lightweight frame and their ability to be removed, rather than any reference to the quality of construction.


This application has been approved in principle and Richmond now need to submit a full set of plans identifying dimensions, offsets, landscaping, colours and materials for further review and approval.








2.      Hilton “Residences”


There were two areas of concern with this proposal

·        The ground floor level is shown as RL4.8m

·        The potential precedent this will set for the forthcoming application on the Hilton “Marina Point” site.


Kevin commented that the ground floor level was the same as the adjacent block and there would be difficulty with ramps etc. However the Committee agreed that the ground floor needed to be closer to RL 3.0m and that DIL would need to provide a strong argument if they wanted it higher than this.


The committee confirmed that each development is considered on its own merits and each had to fall within the predetermined guidelines.


This development was approved in principle and DIL need to now submit a full set of plans identifying dimensions, offsets, landscaping, colours and materials for further review and approval.




There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 3pm.













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